Couch to 5K

Week 5 Run 2 - Prog-Rock

I had so many tags for the title this run "Week 5 Run 2 - Vanity" or "Week 5 Run 2 - Mis-heard lyrics" - but more of that later.

Once again i let the podcast finish (still a good 10 minutes from my car, but not in a rush and without any time constraints) and left my mp3 player on shuffle and what should come on "Yes - Yours is no disgrace". To anyone under 40 this isn't going to mean anything (check out

), but just what i needed after that run - I think I'm showing my age.

Mis-Heard Instructions

So i set off on my run not knowing what to expect (there is a seperate podcast for each run in week 5), i though i heard Laura say 8-5-8 minute runs with a brief recovery in between. So i set my internal sat-nav with that in mind. However what it actually is is a 8 minute run, 5 minute recovery and a final 8 minute run. DOH !!!! So I;ve done the 8 and 5 minute run/walk and Laura says get ready for the final run - i'm a good 2.5 miles from my car at this point, and without dressing it up knackered !!!! So when the podcast finished i was still a mile or so from my car - that'll teach me !!!

Favourite mis-heard Lyric - Ironic by Alanis Morisette (too rude to publish - google it !!)


So I have 60 seconds left on the final 8 minute run, and to be frank i'm not looking my best, gasping for breath, very sweaty and a walking advert for "not running", who should I spot in the distance about 30 seconds away, one of the mums from the school run. So i have 2 options, pass her like that gasping 40+ year old I am, or bounce pass like Tigger on acid as if i've only just started. I think you know which I went for - only lasted about 10 seconds as Tigger before she went out of view (i'm sure I'm not the only one that's done that) #PayingForItNow

Enjoy your run which ever week your on

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Ha ha, I had this exact thing last night on my run. Recently moved into a new village where a co-worker also lives. Since moving to the village, i've been running, and am glad as i'm somewhere where no one knows me, so no shame. Of course, last night, panting, red faced with hair stuck to my face, who should be sitting waiting to come out of the junction but my co-worker, who had plenty of time to watch me galloping towards him in all my glory whilst he waited for a gap in the traffic.

I come into work this morning and a different co-worker says "enjoy your run last night?". So already it's gone all around my work about me in my lycra. God knows what he said!


I love it. My daughter insists we run far enough away from home to make sure she doesn't meet anyone from school. I don't know if it's that fact that she running or the fact she's out with her mum that's the most embarrasing!


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