Couch to 5K

Run 1 week 6 - run 2 today

After amazing myself and running 20mins non stop last week, I cracked on with week 6 on Sunday morning, I think I may be having to do 3 circuits of the local streets, with that 20ft drag up the hill appearing 3 times for run 3, but at least today I only have to do it twice! Sunday I managed to walk part of the hill on first circuit, but not for the second, HOWEVER, it will make me fitter having to do the hill parts, so off to bed at 9am, and back up for my run at tea time I hope, if it's too hot then at least I'll be able to leave it till 7pm.....I am enjoying running which I didn't think I would :)

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Good girl - those hills-great for the stamina. Just been out to my random hill route - and got that just after glow :-). I think I just fun for that it is such a great feeling.


I'm on week 5 day 2 which I am doing tomorrow. I love running and I never thought I would.


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