Couch to 5K

Week 3 Run 1 and a new top cat-counting tally!

I can't believe I've stuck to the program into the 3rd week, I normally cave after a couple of exercise sessions. I was quite worried about the step up to three minutes tonight but I actually found it ok, it might just have been the shock of not having to run in the pouring rain. I'm actually finding myself starting to look forward to my runs when I get home from work... I never would have thought that could happen!

And a grand total of 6.5 cats on the cat tally tonight (one stuffed cat, which I thought was real until I ran past, which accounts for the half point).

Hope everyone is having a great Monday.

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Ha ha, if you look on the BBC website today there is an "experiment" where they tracked cats with GPS collars. Makes me wonder if you should start using more sophisticated methods to tally up the felines....? :p

Have fun and watch out for the big cats.


Haha that's amazing, maybe that's a future running app waiting to happen, follow the cats on GPS :)


OMG I think Phoebe's GPS tracking is no longer. Looked like she took a leap across the road this morning and only made it half way. I think I prefer counting live cats.

But it does remind me of when I was a kid and we used to count letterboxes and phoneboxes on long journeys to pass the time. Perhaps I can count the maize plants in the field, or the tractors, or staring dog walkers ;) Gotta be better than counting each minute.


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