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W3R3 trouble crossing the road!

Woke up this morning got dressed in my running outfit (scraggly grey shorts and a pink vest top I bought for race for life last year) opened the door and it was tipping down so I went back to bed for a bit lol

Came home from work and got changed into said same running outfit and off I went foe W3R3 :-). Chose a new route today that took me Round the village instead of just along the main road. All was going well and I was in the last minute of my last 3 min run (I still can't believe I can run 3 mins without puking lol) when I had to stop to cross the main road mentioned earlier and that was it, my legs didn't want to start again after that!!

I think next time I'm going to go the other way Round so the main road obstacle isn't at the end :-)

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The trick is to not stop! I have to cross several A roads including a fairly tricky roundabout or two. If they're too busy to try and dodge across between cars, I run further down the road until it's safe to cross then run back up the other side or just run up and down the pavement a short distance until there's a suitable gap!

Yes, I do get funny looks...!! ;-)

Health & Safety Disclaimer. I *always* make sure the drivers have seen me *before* I run across the road, and acknowledge them slowing down for me.

Anyway, well done on completing Week 3. :-)


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