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Gadget questions: B210K - or similar

I've decided I'm going to give the B210K a go, and was wondering if anyone had any app recommendations? (I have an android phone).

I used Guy Hoffman Pro for the C25K, but have read reviews that the B210K crashes a lot.

I have been considering investing in a garmin (I do love stats) - would this help with programming my runs? I don't have muisc on my phone so usually run with phone in one hand, to listen to my runkeeper and an ancient ipod in ears.

I'm handling three bits of technology at the moment: C25K on phone, Runkeeper on phone and ipod. It takes a lot of fiddling to start a run.


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I use Runkeeper's free training plans: there's a whole variety of them from 5K right up to marathon training. If you are not registered on their website, do that because as you work your way throught the program they translate all that into various stats: distance run over a month, elevation, speed, calories etc. So I run with my android phone alone, you can start your music loaded on the phone from Runkeeper, even take photos on your run from the app.

Hope you find a system that suits me, having just the phone works well for me.


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