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Mixed feelings for WEEK 8 Run 1

Can hardly believe I'm on Week 8, but I am! Set off this morning and managed the 28 minute run relatively comfortably - but the trade off was my timings! I was slowwwwww!!

Actually I decided this tactic on purpose cos I didn't want to struggle with any of the run.

At the end of the 28 mins I'd covered 4.2K which aint great, BUT I did managed to complete the run without incident. So I'm going to try a bit quicker on the next one.

Tally ho folks!

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yeah - and look on the even more positive side - you rand for a full 28 mins. now that is something you couldn't do just a few short weeks ago...

and without incident - from my last week that is the single most important lesson - I should really listen to the graduates on here - it's not just pace - it's putting in the KMs which is just as important.

Happy running - only 5 left for you now...


Well done! Sometimes you just have to take it a bit easy. And it pays off. I deliberately have to slow myself down as I zoom off at the start, then crawl the last km!

Good luck with the rest of your journey.


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