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Why am I getting slower?

On W5R1, have noticed the last couple of weeks that although I'm finding the runs slightly easier each time my running pace (according to GPS app) is getting gradually slower. Is this an essential part of learning to run further or should I be pushing myself to try and maintain pace? I've been assuming it's most important to finish each run and keep with the program but am I kidding myself a little? Today my walking pace was 15min/mile and my running varied between 10 and 12.5min/mile, mostly about 12min/mile.

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You're not kidding yourself; it is important to finish each run, but not to worry at all about pace. In fact, slow is better than going too fast and having to stop.

Good luck x


Don't worry about your speed, just concentrate on finishing each run, I think Laura says that at some stage. I can actually walk faster than I can run but there is no comparison - running takes much more physical and mental effort. Once you are up to 30 minutes continuous running you can work on speed and I think this is the aim of the programme, to get you up to running for 30 minutes regardless of distance or speed.


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