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How long does Achilles tendonosis take to go?

Injured round about 25th May after increasing from 30 - 45 minutes in one hit - stupid, but I know that now!

Have had some physio, got a stretching programme of exercise, however any running just sets it off. It's very tight in the mornings, which is when i liked to run. Advice has been to try to get up to 20 minute power walking, then add in a few minutes running and build up, however, I can't get past 15 minutes walking.

I'm due to run race for Life on July 21st, however i think it will have to be a walk, rather than jog.

Anyone "beaten" tendonosis? How long were you out of running for? getting bored with cycling now!

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I had Achilles Tendon Pain bad for about 10 weeks (I was never professionally diagnosed with Tendonitis), I continued to run throughout though and found Gel inserts really helped a lot as well as icing after each run, I also now use socks with achilles tendon support built into them.

There was quite a long Questions thread about Achilles Tendon that you maybe able to glean some information from at


Think you can buy a sock to wear in bed so your tendon is stretched abit when you sleep, attractive i know but it might work. I suffer with plantar fascitis, the tendon that runs along the foot, this is caused i think from a tight achilles. I wear brooks stability trainers they help, also roll my foot on a rolling pin. Hope you feel a difference soon


Thanks both, did 17 minutes power walk before it flared up, so we're getting there, I'm good with exercises at home, but difficult at work as I'm standing in front of people all day teaching, plus there are no stairs or steps to hang off. Anyway, you've managed to beat it, I'll just have to be patient a bit longer.


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