Couch to 5K

Second time lucky! Week 6 run 3 done - I'm a runner!

After Friday's false start I was very apprehensive about today. Plus I did a 300 mile round trip on my motorbike yesterday, and you wouldn't believe how much it makes you ache if you haven't been out for a while! So I chose a very flat route, and kept my pace very slow. The weather was a bit kinder tonight too, not too hot. I had a bit of pain in my shin at the start but carried on and it went. I soon passed the point that I had to stop on Friday, and as soon as Laura said I had done 20 minutes I was then fairly confident I would finish. And finish I did, and heard those words 'you are a runner' from Laura! I do the Race for Life next Sunday, so hopefully I will be running most of the way, if not all :) If at first you don't succeed.....:) :) :)

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Well done on your milestone. It's an amazing feeling isn't it?

I'm doing a race for life too on Sunday. Good luck!


Brilliant achievement! Good luck with the rest of your runs.


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