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A bridge too far was a cure for Saturday night

A bridge too far was a cure for Saturday night

After the normal Saturday night indulgence, I went on a SKY ride with my daughter this morning, just a short 5k ride but it made us feel good as we normally are at the back of the group and today we was at the front.

So feeling good I went for a 10k run this afternoon and was almost done, all I had to do was cross a small bridge to get of the island I was on and run for another 10 minutes. Unfortunately a yacht needed the bridge out of the way in order to pass and I had to stop and wait, being impatient, I decided to turn round and get off the island on a different route, then took a wrong turn and ended up back at the same bridge which was back where is should have been (down). So I had added 10 more minutes to my run and a bit more distance than anticipated. Not sure how far I ran as I knocked the tracker off when I took this photo.

I thoroughly enjoyed my run and took in some great sights - all in all a great cure for a mild hangover. :-) oh and the sun has just come out :-D

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blimey thats enormous

Sounds like an exhilarating run

well done you, and I'm glad it was a 'mild' one



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