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Week nine - the final straight!

I finished week eight runs 2 and 3 OK, and then today was week nine run 1. A bit different to normal as I'm travelling for work so I was running on the treadmill in the hotel gym.

I actually found it quite difficult, just from a boredom point of view. On my normal route there's so much to look at and distract myself with, whereas on the treadmill there's nothing much to do except look at the minutes ticking away and the distance going up. I didn't like it!

I have two runs to go now, and on a normal timetable they should both be done while I'm away from home, but I'm going to save my graduation run for Friday, so I can run in the great outdoors.

Apart from all that, I'm just amazed that I actually managed to run for 30 whole minutes. Yes I looked like a tomato by the end and yes I must have scared the other hotel guests, but I'm so excited!

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I tried a treadmill twice - spent the whole time holding on, worried that I would fall off!!! Completely agree that it is so much harder than running outside when you can be distracted by so many things.

Well done for doing 30mins on it! All the best for this week and really enjoy Friday!


Thank you! Looking forward to it :-)


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