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I did it!

I did a race for life today, ran almost all of it, I had to walk up a hill as everyone in front was, then I had about a 10 second stint too.

I found it quite difficult as there were so many other people around at differing speeds, so it was like mayhem, but I did It and beat my pb, I did it in 35:46!

Off out for a nice lunch to celebrate, at least I don't have to cook today!

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Well done and great time. It's not easy running RfL because the field is so big and varied but the atmosphere is tremendous. Just about to blog my account of doing the Edinburgh one today.


well done you and on such a warm day too!!!!! Bet you feel great.


Strange that you comment on this today. This was my rfl last year, I hadn't entered for this year yet. I've just heard my aunt has been diagnosed with cancer and not sure how I feel about entering this years race....

Obviously we all want to rally for the cause but having this strike again so close to home has made me a bit reticent and I don't know why...


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