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Running in the rain - not fun :-(

So why go out in the rain if it is not fun - this morning was the perfect excuse not to go out- no kids -lovely cup of tea in bed - papers - no plan to do anything. I read a few blogs - and started to get itchy feet -partly because I don't want to go down the road of finding excuses not to run. So out the door I went - and it was horrible- that mizzly rain that just clings to you - a breeze blowing off the river - yuk. i felt for the stoic parents out with there soaking tots in anoraks carrying crabbing buckets. Plugged in the ipod - own fav running music and just got on with - but with gritted teeth and lots of grumbling. I frequently wanted to stop and walk - but refused to give in to the mental gremlins, firstly because I know I can run for 30 mins and secondly what is the point of being out running in the rain - if I was not running. so I just dug deep -I consoled myself with the thought of earning lovely breakfast being cooked for me and the fabulous lobster supper we are preparing today.

At home - I looked in the mirror -what a sight really wet, hair plastered down and that fine drizzle had set on all the fine hairs on my face - quite a scary look actually.

so there done - i can do it even when i really don't want to and I lived to tell the tale :-)

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Loved this - thanks for that - inspirational. I can't wait until I can actually run for 30 minutes so well done!. I put off my run the other day but it was thundering, lightning and proper bouncing down. Went out the next day and it was just a fine drizzle - just forced myself to go and actually enjoyed it.


Lobster supper you say.....

That's worth a soaking on any day :-)


I love running in the rain.


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