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Swapped grass for Tarmac

8/3 today. I swapped my usual run around the farmer's fields for a run up and down and down and half way up again our lane. My legs definitely hurt less I think. I say I think as I was concentrating more on try to breathe!! I mean at all not in some kind of pattern. I felt sick at 25mins!! Soooooo unfit.

I did manage 30 mins. As red as a beetroot!!

Oh dear.

Anyway week 9 next week. I find this so hard. When will it get easier?


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I have been thinking about 'field running' and tried it along a bridleway in my local park the other day. The uneven footing made this a whole lot more difficult, and I quickly switched back to tarmac.I can only imagine that the terrain under foot in fields is even harder.

Other people seem to do a lot of running in woodland, which I guess is OK if the surface is even.

Maybe if you run more on tarmac you will expend less energy because of the terrain, and be able to run more feely. That might help your stamina, and you will be away. Just a thought, I don't really know, but I am wary of switching to an 'off road' terrain.That said though you are on Week 9, and that is no mean feat!!

Good luck with Week 9


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