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Week 3 Run 3

I should call this week 3 run 4 as I'd done the week 3 runs already but each time struggled on the last 3 minute jog/run/stagger (more of a stagger for me). But this morning I got up (I usually run in an afternoon but I knew it being a Sunday I would try and get out of it!) and just went. As usual the first two runs were okay - plenty in the tank and I've found now that I'm recovering quicker in the walks and I forced myself through the last 3 minute jog - in fact I started it before Laura told me to - again, before I made an excuse to just walk home.

I started this programme thinking "1 minute jog! how easy is this?" and actually being shocked at how unfit I am and out of shape my cardio-vascular system must be - I struggled to keep going through that first week of one minute running. I've done loads of walking - at least 3-4 miles a day brisk walking... but running - I hadn't done that since I fell off a treadmill at the gym.

So I stagger down farm tracks (I live in a very rural area near the coast) and wave at dog-walkers (because I'm usually one).

And now......... I'm actually starting to like it.

Good luck everyone and don't be afraid to re-do runs.

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I did W2 over again as life got in the way and I felt there was too much of a gap between completing it and doing W3 so I repeated and I think it was a good idea; got me back in the swing. Finished W3D3 yesterday and like you, I'm really starting to like it!

W1 was probably the hardest - I walk a lot and we go on walking holidays but actually running?? lol


Weirdly, I found week 1 the hardest - actually running and finding a pace and too many stop/starts. It takes me a good two minutes to get into a rhythm and find my breathing!


I have just R3 to go for W3 and yes strangely I have found this easier than week 1. Like you said you get into a rhythm and its easier than stop start. I also walk a lot but running takes you to a whole new level. I realised I wasn't actually fit! just pretended I was.


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