Couch to 5K

55km but no run this friday

I like to run Monday, Wednesday & Friday, as well as walking the dogs.

So was pleased to see on map my run I had achieved 55km ( 38km of runs), from Monday to Friday with

It would have been more, but I just had no energy on Friday morning to do my run. its the first time I have felt like that.

Was going to try today ( saturday), but alas, a hangover from hell put paid to that.

So fingers crossed and barring any other excuses I will be back on board this monday.

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That's an awful lot of km's minor surprised you feel tired, a well earned rest is definitely what's needed and that will build your energy for the next one :)


You should listen to your body. It is telling you to have a rest. Enjoy it!


That is indeed an awful lot of kms; I'm well impressed. Now have a rest; you've earned it!


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