Couch to 5K

W6R3 - tough but done

Phew, what a week! Kids with fevers, trips to A&E with huge bumps on head, work at a high pace, husband not around most of the week (work also mad).

Yesterday I realised that I hadn't run since 6th June and I was dreading going for 25 minutes after more than a week off. Once hubby was home at 8pm I dragged myself upstairs to get changed to run. The sun was setting a little, I took it easy, went slow and made it! It really was mind over matter, my legs got into their stride after about 5 or 6 minutes but my ego kept saying "you'll never finish"....

It was quite humid out, and I was sweating more than ever. I decided to buy a sweat band for my wrist so I can mop my brow elegantly.

Today my legs are aching, I haven't experienced that since about week 1 !!!! Ewch

Anyway, onward and upward, week 7 here I come. I just can't believe how far I have come. Like Laura says.... I might just be able to call myself a runner (!).

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Well done! I just did week6 run2 today and didnt realise the next run is a 25min one - so thanks for that!!

It amazes me how this programme works, I really was a couch potato when I started it. I also always find the first 5 mins soooo hard and then I find my stride and it is actually ok. Still not sure about 25 mins though...


hank you and sorry :p Maybe better to read it hear than when Laura tells you on your warm up walk ;)

Or maybe not.... depends if you like surprises or not.

Nice to read that others have that 5 minutes before "getting into it" feeling. I wonder if that is the same for elite runners!?


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