Couch to 5K

4k (and I can't stop blogging)

Second post grad run and got a tiny bit faster and further so we hit 4k! Woo hoo! Still knackered, and hill still nearly killing me. I still cant imagine making 5k (though at start of progrsm when was measuring walks, and walking more, i did get there) but then 3 months ago i couldnt imagine running at all, so baby steps!

I've discovered something odd. It may be due to the fact this is still our secret but I've found I have a need to blog! It's almost as if , if I don't come on here, we haven't done the run!

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Something that has recently helped me with hills and I'm sure I won't say it as well as the original but...

Take smaller strides (or baby steps!) and don't try and keep whatever pace you were running before the hill, if you feel yourself breathing much harder, slow down even more and shorten your stride more. You'll be amazed how short and slow my strides can be uphill!

But this did help me up at least a couple of hills I was worrying about and I got to the top in better shape than I think I would have been without doing this.

How are you finding it post graduation? Are you clear on your next plans, without the clear structure of c25k? I'm not sure at the mo what my plans are.


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