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C25k+ Speed podcast - it's like wk1 again!

Just had a go at the speed podcast which was fun, though I had flashbacks to c25k wk 1. The fast runs were quite exhilarating, but I could not manage the slower runs in the intervals and had to walk. Its given me something to aim for - ie being able to do the fast running as well as the slow running, so I'm not stressed about it.

Has anyone else been doing the speed podcast and managed to increase their endurance?

I graduated the otheer week with a 5k time of well over 30 mins so my next goal is to work on my speed. I wondered whether it would be worth starting again from week one but pushing myself a bit to increase my speed so that I have a structure to work to. Anyone think this might be helpful, or shall I continue with the c25k+ podcasts?

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I think the 5k+ podcasts are pretty good personally. I use Speed and Stamina as part of the mix (though often combined to make a longer run), and also some Audiofuel offerings, which are similar but harder and faster (this is just my choice thoiugh, there are others that are slower).

I have settled into a routine of doing interval training once a week; a longer faster run once a week and then a long slow run at the weekend.

You want find a mix that works for you both physically (improving your runs) and mentally (keeps you interested). :)


I have just done speed a couple of times and also found I had to walk mostly rather than slow jog. It is hard work. Had also wondered about repeating the programme at a faster pace so will be interested to see what responses you get, but I need to be able to run the intervals first. I think it is worth a go,


I love Speed and do it once a week if I can. It's great that it's a short run for those times when you've got a full day, or in between cloudbursts (like yesterday!). I agree that it feels quite demanding running, albeit more slowly, rather than walking, for the intervals. But you'll get there - it's good to have a goal!

Good luck!


I run 3 times a week and I use both speed and stamina alternatively, and do one long run per week. When I finished C25K I was doing 5km in 43 mins.....( never was a fasty :) ) Now I can do 5km in 35 mins and it keeps getting better. I have also increased my distance so that I'm running 7 or 8 km on my long runs.

I don't think it's necessary to redo the programme, just download some good music for your long runs and use Laura for the rest. The intervals are great and I have also included a hill which burns more calories. When I first did speed I also had to walk for 2 it's no problem.

Another thing I do is the Strength and Flex's great for building your core muscles and really helps with the running. Hope you find this useful and keep going with the will improve, maybe sign up for a run so you have a goal and set yourself a finishing time. Good luck :-D


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