Couch to 5K

C25k - a world of firsts!

One of The brilliant things about c25k are all the 'firsts' you can pick up along the way. There's always something to pat yourself on the back for. (Yes there's always something to beat yourself up about too but I'm being glass very full today as the sun is shining and I'm on holiday.)

The most important first is often the hardest - starting - just getting out of the door is a HUGE achievement for many of us. Then the firsts come thick and fast, in no particular order here are some of my favourites:-

The first time you realise you did a session and didn't actually die :-)

The first time you talk to Laura without using expletives (I don't think that's just me). :-0

The first 20 mins non-stop. Actually each new session is a first but W5r3 is really special.

The first perfect run/The first run from hell, for some reason these often go together

The first Parkrun (substitute any organised run)

The new clothes - running and real world as you've now toned up.

Finding this site and knowing you're on a journey that others can understand, help and support you on.

The list is endless as the firsts are so varied and personal, big and small

My new firsts are bringing my running gear on holiday. And actually using it. In a foreign country. More than once. Today I did a run finishing on the beach and as there was no one around I did some exercises and finished off with stretches before going back to our accommodation. Wouldn't have done that this time last year because I hadn't found C25k and couldn't run any sort of distance at all.

So thank you Laura and thank all of you out there.

What are your firsts?

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First time that you realise that it is normal to need a "settling in" time at the start of a run - I found it so easy to feel defeatist when I first got burning shins & lead calfs after 5 mins. Then I'll never forget the first time when I ploughed through and it wore off.

or last week when for the first time I heard the Endomondo woman saying "5 kilometers in ...."


First time you make a playlist based on bpm, rather than mood.

First time you realise you're running at the same pace as that fit (as in healthy; I'm not a total perv) young man and that means you're a runner too!

First time you think "ha!" when you remember family members who said you'd never do it. First time time you see colleagues in a while and they do a double take cos you're more toned and sun/wind burned.


aaah - waiting to achieve that first 5k in 30 mins - next target :-)

Thanks for such a positive blog and a great reminder of the journey we have all been through.


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