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Wk1 Run2 repeated - blister popped!!!

Well, today I have continued repeating week 1 by doing run 2. All was going well up to run 6 when my blister popped - God did it hurt!!! Was very brave tho and managed to complete the run - felt fantastic at the end too - still out of breath but getting better!!!

The water is definitely helping me - and for those who messaged me I got it from Tesco and paid just £2.65 for it!!! I only fill it about 75% - I find that's enough to get me thro the runs.

Jumped in the shower after my run - and cried like a baby - the water really hurt my poor popped blister - going to invest in some blister plasters I think!!!

Looking forward to Friday and finally completing week 1 - and getting ready to move onto week 2 :)

Take care xxx.

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Well done, although sounds like a painful experience. Anyways I'd suggest buying some twin skin socks, they really help against developing any more blisters.


Hi - thanks - have just looked these up on-line and am defo going to get some :) Thanks for the heads-up.


Oh dear, yes... must have been horribly sore and painful. The skin will still be very tender on Friday so please be prepared to wait until it is completely better. Also, like 'anand12', I can heartily recommend twin/double layered socks - available from any good sports/running shop! You might pay more than ordinary socks but they will wash and wash time and time again and still do the very best job to prevent any more blisters! I have a pair and have trained with a friend who recently walked a marathon in some.. We trained together walking for many, many miles in tough old walking boots... and then I took them into C25K as well (inside new running shoes)..... through to graduation and out the other side - still wearing them on my runs..... Haven't yet had a blister!

Wishing you all the best, and happy feet for the remainder of your programme :)

Cheers, Linda :)


Hi Linda - I have indeed just ordered a couple of pairs of these - wish I'd known about them earlier but it's a lesson learnt!!!

I've had compeed blister plasters on since yesterday afternoon and it is just about bearable with my shoes on so will wait until the morning and see how they feel with my trainers on.

Take care xxx.


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