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Week 4

I delayed week 4 by two days as I wanted to do an extra week 3 run - I enjoyed the pace of that one and it ended up being quite a late run. I simply wasn't up to facing the challenge of the longer stretches.

The first one was quite a shock and for the first time I found myself taking two short - just a few seconds - pauses within the 5 minute runs, which was disappointing. But I felt good - though much more knackered than previously! - when it finished.

Run number two though was much better. I fancied a change to my usual beat and found myself in a much less 'green' area. But the combination of these quiet, long residential roads and the right mix of music on my iPhone really put me into my stride. I feel confident for the next one and marvel at how my body adapted.

The key thing in this week has been to shift my expectations of pace. I've consciously taken it down a bit, often choosing slightly slower-paced songs to fit. It definitely took two runs to get my head around how to do this.

The jump from week 3 to week 4 felt like the toughest leap so far. Has anyone who's got further found any tougher transitions?

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I've just finished week 5 and I found the jump from week 5 run 2 to week 5 run 3 a little tough, but the jump from week 3 to week 4 was one I found hard.

Just keep at it, we can do it! :)


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