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The panic about 25mins was unnecessary!

My earlier post was all oooo and err about my worry for running the solid 25mins.

I set off to the gym with my positive mindset only to get there and find it closed early for a referb.

Old me would have got in the car and given up. This time I decided to run around the nearby park. My worry with this has always be security as I do evening runs and it gets dark around 9-10 when I'm out. Also I am terrible at keeping pace so use the treadmills kmph to keep me steady.

With all this in mine I rang the bf and did a paranoid "if I'm not back in 45mins I might be dead" he told me I'd be fine and wished me luck. ( and then said, if you do get attacked let's hope it is near the start of your run so you can sprint off!!!)

So I set off. Time zoomed by and I found it so much easier. I know I was running slower as the GPS tracker on my phone says so but I still managed 4.1km in the time which seems to be my standard distance for 35mins (including warmup times.)

The thing that stunned me the most was when I first started the C25k I went around the same park and running from one tree to the next was so hard - today I did 3 laps comfortably.

Buzzzzzing so much and ready to go again on Thursday :)

Thanks to people who commented earlier - it kept me going during the run thinking - if they say I can then I must be able to!!

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Well done! I couldnt stop laughing when I read what your bf said about if you did get attached it would better at the start of the run! Thats the sort of thing my husband would say! Men eh!!! I have just done done the 25 minute run this morning and found it really hard! I did it but it wasnt easy by any stretch so if you did it comfortably you should be very proud of yourself!

Now you know you can do it the rest of the plan should be a doddle! Not long to go til we graduate :-) keep us posted and once again, well done!


Wonderful! I had always run outside until an early spring trip away from home forced me to use a treadmill in a very fancy gym. I completed the runs at the time, but couldn't wait to get back to pavements, park paths and puddles! Yes, the grotty weather and dark mornings and evenings of Feb and March were slightly spooky, but once plugged into the podcasts I enjoyed being outside so much more. Maybe a few more runs outside, when the sun shines and the birds are singing will convince you too?

Anyway, whatever you decide, well done for getting almost to the end of the programme. Just a few runs left now, keep enjoying them ;)

Cheers, Linda x


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