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Help - i can't seem to so this anymore !

I graduated some time ago and since then have been running three times a week. I decided to improve and progress to 10k by doing the bridge to 10k. It has been ok until last week. I am on week three and I just couldn't do it. I stopped and could not get going no matter how I tried. I tried again a couple of days later and failed again. I then thought I would try and do my 5k again. I stopped and felt heavy, and legs just wouldn't move no matter how many positive thoughts I tried. Is this normal ? It's lwft me quite depressed and not knowing what to so next. I feel like a fraud and can't believe I used to run!!

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We all get periods like this Twiggy your not on your own. Have you tried a completely new route, mixing up your running perhaps. Forget about distance and just go out and enjoy the freedom of running, no pressure, no distance to be met just run because you can. The main thing is not to worry about it cos that will make you tense and anxious and could lead to injury. Give yourself a couple of days rest and try a more relaxed approach I'm sure it will help to get past the barrier. Good luck.


Thanks so much for the advice. Yes I have felt nervous so perhaps should just run without an agenda. ! That's really helpful, thanks. Tracy


Oldgirls advice is really good. Just take some nice music and run really slowly. I think your legs were just feeling tired and aching once you started to do more with the B210K. This is perfectly normal. I couldn't get on with the 10k podcasts at all and so decided to just slowly increase one run a week by a few minutes.

So don't be hard on yourself; you're not a fraud, your body just needs time to adjust to the new demands, that's all! Good luck :)


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