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Eeek ... 25mins?!

week 6 run 3 tonight and feeling very nervous. Legs are feeling a bit jelly like and found the second 10mins of last run (2days ago) quite difficult due to my breathing. I did it though so I felt good. I know that I must be able to do it else why would Laura get us to do it.... But I can't help feeling a bit scared of failure! That buzz of completing the podcast is so addictive.

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Don't be scared! I felt exactly the same, and really struggled with runs 1 and 2 in week 6, but actually found the third one to be not nearly as bad as I expected. And I felt SO pleased with myself when I finished. Just start off nice and slow and keep it steady - you will be fine - Laura says so :-)


Yeh, I felt this too. Session 1 & 2 if week 6 were really tough!


Seems as though we are on the exact same stage! My sister and I did our w6r3 run tonight and I was nervous too as I had to run for about 20 seconds in the middle of the second 10 minutes in w6r2 ... But ... We managed it - followed Laura's advice to slow right down if feel as though you need to stop etc and made it even though the rain tried to stop us in the last couple of minutes! All set for week 7 now!


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