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Update on nose!

After five days in hospital with a nose bleed....really!! 250 miles away from home, of course I didn't finish week 9 :( it was intended that I'd do W9 R2 the day after I ended up in hospital and then the final glorious graduation run with our son in Cambridge. It would have been hard for him as he runs 5k in 18 minutes but is so proud of my and notpheidippides' achievement he was going to go slowly!!

So now I'm still far from 100% and miserable about not graduating and worrying about how far back I'll have to go before i finish.

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Welcome back after your little diversion - and such a shame about missing your graduation run ...

if you're still not 100% I wouldnt go straight back - maybe try one of the run walk run sessions for W5/W6 then you can see how you feel after the first 8 or 10 mins?


Well lycra - thanks for blogging and I am sorry you have had such a difficult time. I guess you are in the hands of doctors now saying take it easy and don't go running as it will make you bleed again. I don't think your stamina drops away that quickly. If you are able to do any exercise - can you interval walk fast and slow- and when you are allowed to run - maybe start with some intervals to break yourself in and build your confidence??

However, the most important thing - get well and keep well. You made a huge effort for this i am sure you will get back in the saddle. :-)


Thank you so much Suzy (it's great to see your shiny badge) I'm feeling dejected. I saw my GP this morning - she's a runner too - (gosh that 'too' sounds odd!!). She says the blood loss and general anaesthetic for the cautery are making me feel weak and that's natural but by next week I should be back to normal. So next Monday I'm going to do one of the very early podcasts just to see what it feels like and will go on from there. When I'd done W9R! I ordered the t-shirt so that it would be waiting for me when I got back as a graduate - it's here all bright and shiny matching the flashes on my running hat and I don't know how long it will be before I can wear it now:( I'm reading everyone's blogs everyday to keep in touch and hope it won't be long before I'm blogging about my graduate run.


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