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Should I push harder in W9 or aim to complete W9?

I have covered 5k in each of my W8 runs including warm up walks but I don't think that I have pushed particularly hard since I just wanted to hit 5k.

So now that I know what 5k feels like, do I push myself to see what more I can do during W9 (could I do 5k before Laura says slow down) - or do I pace myself to ensure that I can get all 3 runs done comfortably?

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Personally I wanted to see if I could run 5k in 30 minutes in week 9, but we all have our own goals. Running for 30 minutes at any speed and over any distance is the benchmark - it just depends whether you feel you can and/or want to push yourself harder. :)


Bloomin eck! I didn't manage over 4k on the run in this week! You've done amazing, I'd do whatever is comfortable.


I agree with Plinth, that speed is awesome, I can just about manage 3k in 27 minutes. I'll be doing 30 minutes this week but nowhere near the 5k distance. Go with whatever feels right for you :)


I would just do the runs at your normal speed. I just did run 2 this morning but since run 3 of week 8 I have been pushing myself to run the 5k (not including warm ups or downs). I'm not speeding up though, just not stopping. It's made a difference to my motivation to know that I can run 5k. At one point I would like to do it in under 30mins but it's not important to me to do it this week, I have plenty of time....!

Good luck for your runs, you're doing brilliantly! :)


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