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W8R3 - now there are 24 blue ticks on my wall chart & I only got room for 3 more!

Anyone who read my earlier posts might remember that I have been meticulously ticking off every single run on my wall chart. Then as each week is complete I also delete the podcast too - kind of my ritual way of keeping track & to keep me moving along (plus it means that I cannot wimp out and repeat any of the previous weeks)

Last night I was able to completely tick off W8, just one day behind plan - and I've deleted it from my phone too. So now the wall chart looks pretty full, the phone looks pretty empty & I feel pretty darned good.

I honestly can't believe there is just 3 more runs left - how the hell did that happen?.

Yes I've had a couple of bad patches, but on the whole I have genuinely enjoyed seeing my progress & especially now that I actually feel good about it (even if I do look like a pillock).

What is even more astounding is that it turns out I can go pretty quick for a short fat lad who's not exercised in 20 years.

So, onto the numbers & last night I managed to earn 4 trophies on endomondo - but - since I am now doing 5k distances I might have to set myself a little target there!

Cooper (furthest distance in 12mins) was 1.91km

1mile - 10:01

3mile - 32:37

5k - 34:03..... this is the one that I am most proud of, I did 5k in a 5min fast walk +28min run = 33 mins - so I only had to extend the running by 1 min before I hit 5k.

Again with a pretty consistent pace & each kilometer is within a few seconds of each other.

As I look towards my W9, I want to say to every single one of you out there, that no matter where you are on your running journey - no matter how far out of your comfort zone you might feel - you have already got what it takes to do this & can make it - believe in Laura, believe in the program but above all else, believe in yourself.

Happy Running.

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Get you! Well done. Only one more week:) !! thank you for your kind words on my blog. I did try to respond to your post but it placed the comment at the bottom of the pile so it looked like it was a general comment! Well done on how much you have achieved so far and heres to many more weeks running! :)


Well done! I have a similar method of colouring in a spreadsheet box after every is taking longer than I thought to complete but as you rightly say - you have to believe in yourself - no matter how many set backs try to push you off course!! Congrats with your times too!


Well done! Good luck for your final week! :)


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