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W5 R1 done!

Managed to finish all of it but I had some problems at the end when I went on the final brisk walk. Very sharp pain in the left side where the heart is, it hasn't happened to me before and to be honest it gave me a bit of a fright. Do you think I should be worried? Did anyone else experience something similar?

Also was thinking to have a go and have a 5 min start-up walk and then run until the final brisk walk.

Did anyone else tried it?

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Was it chest pain? Or in the abdomen? Obviously, if you're having chest pain (rather than just breathlessness) you should stop immediately, and, if it continues, you should go and see your doctor. If it was the abdomen, it could have just been stitch or something similar.

I can't emphasise enough- don't mess around with chest pain. Stop, and if it continues, seek medical help.

Good luck! X


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