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Week 1 complete!

So after deciding to start running during the hottest weather of the year, and constantly having to cake myself in sun cream, I've completed week 1. I'm feeling very proud of myself for committing to exercise for the first time in about a year. I'm not entirely unfit, but I'm not entirely fit either so this has been a nice way to ease into running. I went for a 6 mile cycle on Sunday so that put paid to starting week 2 on Monday, so it looks like Wednesday is the day to get going again.

I find the podcasts shockingly awful, which I think is what helps me keep going. The motivational phrases make me laugh and nearer the end I've been so annoyed by the music that I've not even realised when I'm running and when I'm not. I can't wait to be able to run for 30 minutes and look like a proper runner (rather than a puffed out one with poor technique!). Thanks to Laura for keeping me going :)

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Jolly well done! Good show! Keep at it and you'll be running sans Laura before you know it. Pip pip!


The hardest part is committing to doing it and making sure you stick to your plan. So well done one getting out there & for starting off in the heat too ...

Don't worry about the podcasts - they are like marmite, although I have made a pact with Laura (well with Laura in my head) that I'm sticking with her for the full 9 weeks... and if you do you will learn the right technique with time - so I would say stick with them if you can.

Looks like we are fairly local too - so I'll keep an eye out for you if you're ever running through Brighouse?

Happy Running


Ah, the delights of sun cream and running. Watch out for it running into your eyes; it really hurts and you can't get it out!

No need for the stuff this week, just a lightweight waterproof(ish) top and willpower.

Well done for starting, and good luck ~ you WILL get there; after all, you are a runner and if you do need any motivation, take a sneaky peek at the Youtube clip 'running for my existence'.


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