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Nearly there!

Last year I started the C25K programme and made it to week 8 while away on holiday in France. I'd been so pleased with myself, as I felt I could see the difference it was making to my attitude to life as well as to my fitness.

For good reasons we moved house and I moved job within 8 weeks of returning home from holiday. For a large part of those 8 weeks I found myself commuting my children to their new schools while finished up in my old role. This meant that running was the first thing to go.

The only road I'm happy to run at the moment is a country road that in the midst of winter became very dark, snowy and icy, and it was more of an excuse to give up for longer. But the length of winter was frustrating and it sometimes felt like I would never get back out the door. Meanwhile the trainers specially for running watched me every time I opened the cupboard, reminding me how much they had cost and were now not being worn.

9 weeks ago I decided that there could be no more excuses, and so today am delighted with myself for having completed my first 30 minutes of the week. This time I've been more determined to fit in my running, and while I prefer morning I will now slip on my running things late afternoon and head off on the days the morning haven't worked.

For me this is all part of taking control of my life again form the spiral of what at times is an overwhelming occupation. A reminder that it is okay to take 40 minutes in a day, just to be with my own thoughts.

So today 4k in 40 minutes (that includes the 10 minutes walking). Not the greatest speed or distance, but I am pleased (or at least I was until a man walked past me during the last 10 minutes and asked how I was doing.)

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The answer for that man is that you are doing very well. Congratulations on getting started again and all the very best with your future runs.


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