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Rain and Rock

Today is my running day - and chucking it down with rain - but I was not in the least daunted. got myself up and ready - garmin, heart monitor - obligatory yell at the the kids - then out I booted out the door.

I had been particulary inspired by posts last night -people who had completed, those that were nervously just starting. Stuck on my own music - probalby middle age rock -and away i went. I can't say I was fast, and it did take a bit for my legs to warm up. i heaved myself up a few hills and felt quite pleased. So much so i seemed to find more beans in my legs for the last 10 mins and fair flew along - very pleasing. I did 4k in 30 mins - i am aiming to push my speed up - will aim for sunday to do 5k in 30 - I may not do it - but I will give it ago.

Happy running everyone.xx

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"obligatory yell at the kids" - love it!


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