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Park run and run keeper? And week 9 complete on treadmill :)

Hi everyone, I have just completed week 9 a week ago and really am so chuffed with myself as I have never completed anything like this before.

I am 16st and 5ft 4 inch. But a year and half ago i was 18 st. I have completed this all on the treadmill at home. Now I'm getting more confident I would love to be brave enough to run out doors. For me so far I have just been focusing on running for 30 mins (albeit slowly). I realise that it's gonna be much tougher outside so not sure if I'm ready to take the leap from my trusty treadmill yet. I have been reading a lot about the park run and run keeper and wondering what these are and if they would help. How do you know how far you have run etc. ?

As I'm feeling more confident with myself I have just ordered 30 day shred to start including into my exercise routine. Not sure what to expect but gonna give it ago.

I love this forum and would not have completed this program without it. Good luck everyone on your journey.

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Hi, congratulations on completing week 9, well done. It's such a great feeling! :-)

Runkeeper is an app that you download onto your smart phone and it uses GPS to track your location. You can get pace and/or distance markers on the app and it will give you updates as you run. I have mine set to every 0.5km, so every half a KM it will tell me how far I have run and what my average "per KM pace" is at that time.

There are plenty of other settings to personalise it to suit your preference.

Parkruns are free 5km runs organised by volunteers. These are friendly, non-competitive runs for people of all ages and levels. Great events. Take a look on here: for your local Parkrun.

Everyone has their preference but for me, running outside is such a difference from running on a Treadmill. I'm not sure I would have stuck to the Couch to 5K plan and beyond had it been on a treadmill.

Congratulations on graduation again :-)


Hi Never used Runkeeper - not hearing great things about it, Parkruns are great, done 5 now and cant recommend them highly enough, great bunch of people and great support...


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