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Today was my second attempt at W6R3, more successful than my first attempt. My breathing eventually evened out but I had quite a few stops for a few seconds, probably equated to about a minute in total over the whole run. I dont think I would have stopped so much had my lower back not have ached so much. My back doesn't ache every single time I run, not sure if its my posture, my overweightness or my trainers. Feel a bit defeated just now, should I just continue to W7R1 or repeat W6R3? Week 6 REALLY is a toughy!

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Sorry to hear you are struggling Sounds like you may be going too fast, it took me ages and plenty of longer runs before I really registered that slow and steady wins the day. The biggest challenge with the long runs is making the mental shift, if you can do the other runs in week 6 then you will have the fitness there but you need to believe that you can do it. I found it really helped to chant my mantra to myself when I was struggling 'I can and I will, I can and I will...' and visualise myself completing my ultimate goal (a Marathon!!)

I'd say move onto week 7, try going a bit slower and see how you go...

Keep at it!


Thanks ktaylor, I moved onto W7R1 and managed it but still had to do a few stops but I ran a couple of more minutes to make up for the few seconds stops. I also used my own music which was slightly less boring than the C25k, although I kinda missed Laura's encouragement. My 8 year old son is going to cycle round my route with me on Saturday so we will see how that goes, or doesn't!!!

BTW, I cant go any slower than I am, sure I've seen snails travel faster!! & all the best in attaining your ultimate goal, thats a long way off for me, if atall. Good luck.. :-)


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