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W3R2- Gained a pound!

Hi everybody-

Just wanted to write a quick blog about how I'm doing since starting the programme a couple of weeks ago. Firstly, I found weeks 1 & 2 quite easy but yeouch, week 3 is a beast! I'd been covering quite a distance by the end of week 2- about 4.5km, including the warm-up and warm-down. When I did W3R1 on Thursday though, the distance I was covering dropped right down! Felt a bit demoralised about that but I then I thought well, week 3 is a shorter podcast (28mins instead of 33mins) and as I improve, I'll get quicker and cover more ground.

That, however, is not my biggest gripe. I GAINED A POUND THIS WEEK!! I know all the rational arguments: that muscle weighs more than fat, that I'll be losing inches as well as pounds, that I'll have toned up and that fitness and weight-loss aren't the same thing. HOWEVER... I find it very galling indeed that while I'm out there, lugging myself around, I am gaining weight. There is something so wrong about that.

And yes, I am dieting as well as running. *Sigh*

I think I may skip weighing myself for a few weeks- just carry on doing what I'm doing and seeing myself tone up and my clothes fitting better then perhaps it won't matter when I get on the scales and they don't say what I'd like them to.

But still... HOW RUDE!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I think the podcasts are working brilliantly and I can absolutely see myself getting to week 9 and beyond. It's exciting that in a few weeks, I'll be a 'runner'- something I have absolutely never been in my life.

Will keep you posted!

Jany xx

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I put on weight at the start too, not much just a pickle, and had to laugh and sympathize at your blog, love the how rude comment :-)

It's very slowly coming off me, but then with all this lovely weather we seem to be having constant bbq's and drink, so it sneaks back on again.

Well done, keep going, if your excited now, wait till you get to week 9, I'm just about to start that and am bubbling with excitement. You can do it, good luck :-)


Hi again Jany, I haven't posted to you since your first day, soooo happy you're still with the plan! Oh heck, yes, the 'gaining weight scenario' ... I was so disgusted at around the same stage as you I simply assumed my scales were corrupted, knackered, otherwise b***** useless! How can it possibly be that after near starvation and running one's legs off that the weight goes up????? (And I haven't lifted the cover off my BBQ yet!). :(

Anyway, with a new eating regime, and still running 3 times a week since graduating, I am now, at last, shifting weight very, very, very slowly. (I started in early February!) Seeing what bikergirl and you have written, I think we must just get used to the fact that we are not in the 'rapid-weight-loss' gang. Let's just console ourselves, with the thought that when our weight does eventually come off, it will stay off and we will be the long-term winners! :)

Keep enjoying the running, and the sure knowledge that you really are getting much fitter.... Numbers and stats are for the general populous - we're clearly extraordinarily special :D

Cheers, Linda x


Don't worry, the same thing happened to me. I had been losing weight consistently for a year and then I started C25K and first gained a pound then stayed that weight for well over a month! I knew this would happen but it was still very disheartening. I swear I felt smaller though so I kept at it and then all of a sudden I dropped 6 lbs.

Apparently when you are straining new muscles, your body surrounds them with water to protect them but it is temporary. Now I feel my body is so much tighter than before I started C25K.

Just keep at it and it'll be okay. :) Just ignore the scale for at least a couple more weeks to avoid discouragement and pay attention to how your body feels. Good luck with the rest of the program.



Thank you for all the support ladies!

Bikergirl- congratulations for getting to week 9! That's amazing! And I know, all those delicious BBQs- grrrr!

Linda- aw, thank you- I'm chuffed to still be on the plan myself! I know, it must be those b*****d scales, it's the only explanation. Well done on your weight loss- any loss, however slow, is still brilliant. And you're right- it's the long term that matters, not how many lbs you lost in the last week.

Sherri- that's really encouraged me, thank you. I'll take your advice and studiously avoid even glancing at the scales for a good few weeks. Maybe I'll sneak a peak as a graduation present!

You've all perked me right up! : ) X


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