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And so beginneth WEEK 7

The London weather was dull, grey and cold so for me, ideal conditions to embark upon my first Week 7 run of 25 mins. The fact that this is our "summer" did make me a tiny bit depressed, but onwards and upwards...!

Having done a 25 minute run to round off Week 6, I was wondering how my last 5 minutes would go, as I found that the most difficult section.

I decided to change my route for this run and only regretted one section of it where I had to cross an A road and wait for the confounded pedestrian crossing lights to signal me to cross. I lost a whole 10 seconds on my 2nd K timings which pi......browned me right off! Anyway sure enough, the last 5 minutes were a killer but I did manage to speed up for the last 60 secs, under orders from Sergeant Major Laura, so that pleased me.

Again, there was this massive rush of YES YES YES I DID IT!!! I was soooooo pleased to have cracked this yet again. My only worry is this last 5 mins which seems to be my gremlin. Hopefully I'll shake that off and progress accordingly.

Bon running everyone!

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Congratulations! That's a huge achievement. Hopefully, I'll be where you are in a few weeks. I think everyone has sections of their run that they find more difficult- I wonder if that's a mental thing? Someone on here was saying a few days ago that the first five minutes is hardest for them, and I agree. It's brilliant then, that you were able to speed up at the end of the run when you were finding it tough.

Only two more weeks to go.... well done! X


It must be a mental thing. My wife thinks I'm mental most days!!!

Yes, nearly there. I can't believe it!


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