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Week 5 Run 3 - I did it!!

Now, up until Week 5 Run 2 I had managed to get through each run without being too stressed about the next. It wasn't easy but I did it. Week 5 Run 2 was one of those, 'not so easy runs'. I therefore approached Run 3 with some trepidation to say the least. I seriously thought about re-doing W5R2 first.

I must confess to be being a little anxious about starting Run 3 when I stepped out the front door, then I thought to myself. 'If I don't start it, then I can't finish it. If it doesn't work, then just walk a bit run a bit'. So I started.

It truly is a mental challenge, more than a fitness one. I just took it 5 minutes at a time, setting myself a mental end-point for each 5 minutes ('where will I have got to in 5 mins?'), and I did it.

When Laura said something like '"Did you ever think a few weeks ago you would be running for 20 minutes non-stop". I thought no. I wasn't even thinking like that 25 minutes ago! I then thought I don't think I have ever run for that period of time in my whole life, not even as a kid. (I was rubbish at running, cross-country not too bad, but I did it loathe PE!!)

If you are unsure about the 20 minute run like I was. Just start it, and see how you go. You may surprise yourself. If you do it, then well done. If you don't then it is all good training, just try again. You will get there.

BTW, Thanks to everyone who blogs on here, it is great to read your achievements and encouragement.

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and a huge WELL DONE - you did it - stuck with it and you ran for a whole 20 mins.

I was so nervous that when I did my W5R3 I had already convinced myself that I would have walked at some point - but it is all in the mind.

And yes I hated cross country too... bloody PE - it has a lot to answer for.

Happy Running


Well done! I did my W5R3 last night too and I agree with you about the mental thing, you almost have to give yourself a pep talk before you start :-)

I hated PE - our teacher used to wrap up really warm on freezing days while we were all in our shorts - seemed a bit unfair to me!


Fantastic to read all these success stories for W5R3 as I'm just going into W5 and dreading it. Sadly PE at school put me off exercise for years but am finding that I am shocked to find I'm actually really enjoying this C25K.


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