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Back Again

Hi all...

My last post was on 25th March..I reached week 9 run 2 and then badly cut my hand and had stitches.. That sent me off course and for some reason found it really difficult to get back to the programme.

3 weeks ago I lost my darling mum and on Friday decided that I must go back to the programme mainly because of the nourishment for my soul but also because I need to get fit again.

I started again from W2R1 and today did R2...Its amazing how the body gets out of shape so quickly. Its hard to believe that less than 3 months ago I was on W9 and now I can just about do W2. But I will not fail..I promise myself and my mum that I am doing this for her get back to some place good despite the pain of my loss..

So to all those that have given up or felt like it along the way..I guess Im just saying, theres always a way back..


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I'm sorry for your loss, it sounds like you must have been through a really difficult time. Good luck with getting back on track!


So sorry for your loss. You will find many here (including me) that unfortunately that know this pain all too recently.

You are taking exactly the right attitude. Acknowledging that you had to take the time out, and will need to repeat. But not seeing that as failure. As difficult as it might be to start from so far back, at least you know you have it in you!

Best wishes on your journey. And take care of yourself during this time.


Hello, so sorry to hear about your mum! I lost my wonderful mum less than 3 months ago, so do have an idea of the pain that you are going through. I'm on Week 7 now, training for the Race for Life next week (in memory of my mum!) and have found that this has really helped me to cope with the last couple of months. Running is just so good for you mentally and physically!

If you reached Week 9 before, I'm sure the fitness will gradually come back. Good luck and be kind to yourself x


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