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5k in 32 minutes...I am calling myself a graduate!!

Hello all, well I went out for my 'graduation' run today, previously I had run 29 minutes, then 5k in 34 minutes, and now 5k in 32 minutes :-) am very very happy with this time, although my ongoing post-run shin pain is still a problem. I think my increased pace is down to running in my brilliant new Asics Gel Nimbus 15 trainers, they are amazing! So comfortable, like running on air. Would highly recommend them!

I still can't believe I've gone from somebody who struggled to run for a minute way back in August, to somebody who can now run 5k in a decent time. Quite frankly, I feel marvellous!

I'm still going to post on here every now and then because I love reading how everyone else is doing. Good luck to you all and thanks for the support :-)

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Congrats!! That is really great! My personal best was 32 minutes and 52 Seconds, I am trying to run 5 K in 30 minutes or lesser. It is my personal goal in the Race for Life that I will be doing on 14th July. It is great, isn't it when you know that you really CAN RUN!

Good luck to you for your future runs!


Congratulations! that is fantastic - well done. That's an amazing time.

I've only just started the programme but really feel the difference already and really feel as though I can do this!

All the best for life as a Graduate.... :)


Congratulations! I feel the same way. Interesting to hear about your asics, I went to get fitted yesterday and they recommended the asics GT 3000 as apparently I need a stability shoe. They were super expensive though...

Your time is great too! :)


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