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Week 6 - Run 3 - To the woods, to the woods! - Complete! Officially a Runner! who'd have thought?

Well I promised myself a change of scenery for this one, so I drove off to the local wood for a trail type circuit. It was a lot hillier than I am used to, but thankfully most of the climbing was taken care of during the warm up walk.

I found it quite hard to judge my pace and probably set out too slowly because I didn't' know how hilly it was going to get. It turned out to be a steady upward climb for the first half of the run and then steady down hill for the second.

I did miss a turn off and ended up going too far down a big hill. That was a painful mistake as I had to turn my lungs inside out to run back up the hill to get back on the right track.

So next time as I know what to expect I can judge it better, and I will definitely remember to turn left down halfway down the big descent next time! And there are loads of alternatives to mix things up a bit.

I really enjoyed running in the cool shade of the trees, it was awesome. :) :) :)

And of course, being an official runner made me smile too!


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I remember the feeling of being told I am officially a runner, such a nice end to a run.

Sound like you had a nice place for it as well, unexpected hills add to the challenge :-)

Think how far you have come in six weeks....

Keep it going :-)


Hey Kev, CONGRATS on your status! It is great to be an official runner, isn't it? Now all you got to do is to continue being one! Good luck to you for your future runs, let us know how you are doing..


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