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W2R3 - Back to where I was

I am happy to have now reached the point I was at when I injured both knees and had to take some time out, then restart the programme. Had a pretty rubbish morning and had to sit at the computer when I was planning to run, but I dragged myself out after digesting lunch and my session went ok. I went quite slowly and the running intervals didn't seem as bad as on Wednesday. Helped that there was a nice cool breeze too. My right knee does hurt a little bit now, but if it doesn't get any worse, I aim to start Week 3 on Monday. Rather nervous!

For some reason my right headphone has stopped working too. Will see what the shop say about this as I prefer to hear Laura's encouragement in stereo! I concentrated on my breathing more today and managed to do about 60 seconds of a run with 3 steps breathing in and 3 steps out. I simply can't do 4 yet, as Laura suggests, and after about a minute, my rather dog-like pant seemed to return despite my best efforts!

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It sounds as though you are finding out what works best for you - that's good. Enjoy your third week of the programme. All the very best with it.


Thank you! I hope that after a while, I can run instinctively rather than wondering if I am doing it right! All the best to you too.


I wouldn't get hung up on the breathing thing I couldn't get on with it either and then I read that your body takes care of breathing by itself so that's what I do :)


Thanks. I was wondering if it would. Maybe as I get fitter I will pant less!


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