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Been a long week - still not quite up to 10k

It seems that I have slipped for trying to write a blog at least more than once a week.

Has been a long week at work and the running has kept me sane. I have signed up to do some SKY rides which offer guided bike rides and so on my non running days I am taking my daughter out on her bike to build her confidence ready to join me on the rides.

Still working towards the 10k

Tuesday I ran 9 k in 56 minutes, Thursday 9.7 in an hour, so Sunday I aim to do the whole 10.

I sold my Garmin watch on e-bay and just use runkeeper, this stops me looking at the watch all the time and not I just get on with the running and enjoy myself.

Is it summer yet?

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wow you are doing brilliantly!!

The thing that helped me get to 10k ( not that I've done one since) was doing what my audiofuel man said ( silky steve) which is to have a break every half an hour ( either walk or slow jog). I walked for 2 mins after half an hour and I felt that gave me the rest I needed to focus on the second half. It also broke the run up so you aim for small milestones ( ie how do you eat an bite at a time)

Good luck 'eating the elephant' tomorrow



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