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Parkrun 4

Have just got my time for this weeks parkrun - am not happy! 49mins 4secs - I seem to be getting slower not faster. I know its not a race but was hoping the more I did the quicker I would get obviously not! Its a minute and 4 secs slower than last week. Not wearing my watch made no difference at all (I chose not to wear my watch as I was looking at towards the end and thinking I was slower than i actually was but maybe my watch was not far off timewise!)

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Don't worry too much - I think it takes a while to get used to the parkrun course and learn how best to pace yourself. I find my watch useful as a guideline, I even wore it today when I was volunteering as tailrunner. You'll get there - no-one can get PBs every week !



I am not bothered about personal bests so much, but to be slower than I was last week is a bit demoralising. I could have walked it faster!


I have just had similar experience - last week was a min slower than previous week, however this week was 35 seconds faster than PB...... so many factors can effect your time at this stage, please do not worry after all you are out there doing it and even if its not your best time you are still building stamina - every run is an achievement in itself........ good luck


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