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Week 3 run 1 almost thwarted by runkeeper!!!

So after much procrastination (haven't been out for a run in almost a week) I plucked up the courage to to W3R1 this morning. Was a bit nervous of the 2 3 minute runs coming up as I didn't think I'd be able go make it at all.

Set my podcast going through runkeeper as normal the started the activity off. As Laura is talking me through what's ahead the annoying runkeeper lady comes on doing a 1 minute time check?!?!! I've never set her to do this, it's set to 1k time checks usually. So I have to stop and sort that out.

Back on the run again and all is going well, I'm actually finding the 3minutes not that bad which surprised me. Wheny 1k check comes in. Normally it does this and the podcast carries on bit not this time!!! Podcast stops!!'! Aaarrggghhhj I don't know when yo stop running!!! So I have to atop and set it off again only it hasn't just paused, it's reset to the beginning so now I have to search for the end of the 1st 3 minute run!!!! Grrrrr

The rest of the session was fairly uneventful apart from a little cry of 'please.......Laura!!!!' towards the end of the last run lol

Anyone know why my runkeeper hates me???

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