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Week 9 run 1 done - I can run for 30 minutes!

That was hard work! Although the long runs gives me a great sense of achievement to complete they seem to get harder. Maybe I need a two day break between runs but I'm determined to graduate on Thursday. After graduation I can sort out a better running schedule.

I covered the same distance as W8R3 but when I started I found it hard so I was determined to finish rather than get a good distance so just ran or jogged at a comfortable pace.

My husband said he didn't want to run with me today but would run with me tomorrow but I've got into a routine of Saturday runs so went out on my own. We can go for a long walk tomorrow instead!

Anyway I must think of the positives - I can run for 30 minutes and only 2 more runs to go :-)

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Well done Daisey! I get more satisfaction from the harder runs because it takes more mental strength to finish the run. Also you are right about the time, once you get comfortable with the time the pace will come after.


Thank you. Yes it's about the mental strength and stamina to finish and for me the determination to graduate and then I can work on pace.


Great feeling knowing you can do it, isn't it? Well done you, hearty congratulations.


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