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Running TECHNIQUE - discuss

Having completed WEEK 6 and about to embark on W7 I wondered whether any of you C25K'ers had any thoughts on your technique?

I've found recently that if I keep my head up and kind of "sit back", relax my shoulders and try and keep my arms loose, I can run slightly faster than my usual slowish jog pace. God knows what it must look like, but if the surface ahead of me is smooth, flat and clear(ish) I am sure I feel myself more "running" than jogging. Does this make sense?

I've often heard athletics commentators (like Brenden Foster, Steve Cram) say "He/she looks very relaxed...." and I've always wondered what the heck that meant! Now I think I see what they mean.

Anyway, food for thought methinks.

Have a wonderful sunny weekend!


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Circles - I always try to imagine that my joints are moving around in large circles (as when you ride a bike) - so I'm doing a kind of rolling running. because another comment I've heard is to "run Smooth"

although when I do the circles with my arms I cant help thinking I must look like a child doing an impression of a train!!

Happy Running


Thats what all the experts say. Head up, shoulders back and down, arms and hands relaxed. I have to constantly remind myself to stop looking at my feet. LOL


Having seen a photo of me running I found that I twist my torso quite a lot when running. I always wondered why my lateral abs felt sore after a jog...

Otherwise try to enjoy the sight. I noticed that running outdoors I can keep the "head up" pose, but on the treadmill in tend to hunch as the tv screens are lower.


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