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W6R1 and happy!!

After running 20 mins on Wednesday, I was thrilled, and today used that to spur myself on a bit when I started to tire today. "5 minutes and you're huffing and puffing!? You did 20 the other day you wimp!" That sort of thing . . . .

And it worked. I'd had to take an extra day off yesterday as I sustained the mother of all mosquito bites on Monday evening on the inside of my thigh and just walking around at work left me cringing. This morning I left it a little late and it had got quite got by the time I set off, but the run wasn't so bad. I tagged on and extra 3 minutes run at the the end to make up the distance and a I managed my first 5k in under 40 mins - 39:59 to be precise!!

Good luck to everyone doing Race for Life or park runs today and tomorrow!


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