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First post graduation run - 7km in 42'36"

Hi all!

After my graduation run of 5.6km on Thursday I decided that 7km would be a reasonable target for my first post grad run and completed it this Saturday morning.

When I started my healthier lifestyle at the beginning of the year I walked a lot more. My longest walk was 7km in 66 minutes (I was using Nike+ Running app even then :-)) and I decided that it would be nice if my first post grad run would be the same route.

My aim was for an average 6min km and started off at what I thought was this pace, however I got it wrong, probably because I have been running a lot faster recently, and the first km was 6'23". I then sped up for most of the run and pushed myself in the last km and ran it in 5'34". I don't feel tired after the run and know that I could increase the pace next time. Here is a link to my run:

I am off to Helsinki for work on Tuesday and have booked a hotel near the harbour so I hope to go for a few runs along the harbour next week. If I do then I will write a blog.

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Wow! I graduated in September 2012 and am still working up to 10k and think that 7 k is a good run. Well done, I am in awe.....


Thanks Soozz! I have been doing a lot of other fitness work around C25K so I thought doing 7km at 6 min kms was doable. I hope by increasing my distances I will be able to increase my 5km speeds.


Wow an amazing postgraduate run! Well done. Decided mine will be a 5k walk/run. Enjoy your Helsinki trip and hope you have some scenic runs there.


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