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Week 6 - Run 2 - Done

I did this one yesterday and I found it a bit tougher than expected, it was very warm mind. I think Week 5 run 3 is a bit of a false dawn! You run for twenty minutes, think you're a world beater then in week 6 you realise there is still plenty of work to be done. :) Still I am very pleased with how far I have managed to come in 6 short weeks. :)

I've got the 25 minute marathon to come tomorrow, might have a change of scenery for that one....


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Very well done, I think there's a general consensus that W6R1and 2 are quite a challenge after the high of W5R3. Enjoy your run tomorrow, you're onto all longer, continuous runs now, no more intervals!

It still amazes me, nearly a year after I started this journey, how in a few weeks we come so far! Good luck with the rest of the programme. Sue


LIke you, when I completed W5R3 I stupidly attacked Week 6 with gusto and ended up with my tail between my legs. Firstly I didn't give myself two days rest which I should have done, then I ran too fast and shot my bolt too early, thereby finishing the first 5 minutes like a wheezing, puffing twit.

I did my 25 minute run yesterday and it is very do-able with the right mindset. I found the last 5 mins a bit of a struggle but kept it slow and steady and celebrated with a swear word!


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