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Wondering whether to do Parkrun tomorrow - sore hip

Hi, I did W8R2 on Tuesday, and since I was so close to 5k I ran for the extra couple of minutes and my runkeeper tells me I hit the magic 5k just before the 30 minute mark.

I was so delighted with myself. I have booked myself in for the Color Run, and was going to do my first Park Run tomorrow, and count it as my W8R3 run.

However, I've been doing loads of walking (the car's at the garage), and my teacher at swim class pushed us extra hard on Thursday.

To cut a long story short, I have a sore hip. The question is should I run tomorrow - for longer than the scheduled time, and on a hill (I usually run on flat). Or should I rest up. It would be a shame to injure myself before I graduate. I don't know what to do...

Advice welcome please.

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I had a sore hip before my week 8, run 3 but being as bloody minded as I am I was determined to run. I had a look at the old interweb and it said it might be due to tight hamstrings. After looking up where my hamstrings were (!) I did some exercises, took some paracetamol and did my run. My hip has been fine ever since! Hope that helps. Cris :)


Thank you for your comment. In the end I didn't do the Parkrun, but I did go out this evening. Unfortunately the joint is still sore. I'd be interested to now what exercises you did - can you remember where you read up on it?



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